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Jul. 11th, 2006

11:49 pm - PETTING ZOO

This week, a dream by award-winning writer Vince Groyon, with art by guest artist Isha Pimentel.


I own a petting zoo composed entirely of dachshunds and rhesus macaques, who strangely seem to get along with each other, except for the occasional spat. One baby macaque clings tenaciously to the back of a three-year-old black dachshund, who looks up at me, waiting for me to throw him something to eat. I can see the macaque's hands clutching at the dog's skin, which furrows outward from the monkey's fist.

Another baby macaque hops up to me, and I see it's bleeding, probably from some altercation with a dog. The skin around his eye seems to have been sliced neatly, the way you would slice an apple to remove the stem.

He pulls at the skin, like opening a porthole window, and I see his exposed eyeball surrounded by the bone of his skull's eye-socket. I tell him not to do it because it's gross, and he puts it back meekly.


If you're the type who checks webcomics faithfully, you may have noticed the lack of an installment last week. Totally my fault. There was no time to finish the piece I was working on. All should be back on track with this week's submission. Updated every Tuesday! Thanks for stopping by! Come back soon!

Jun. 27th, 2006

04:22 pm - Two Recurring Dreams

In this installment of the weekly dream webcomic, IDLIP:
Two recurring dreams by contributors!

"Gears" : dream by Tobie Abad, art by Lionel Valdellon.

"Teeth" : dream by Mark Cham, art by Tobie Abad.

Jun. 20th, 2006

06:24 pm - SUBWAY TANGO


Tobie Abad sends me a message two days ago that he had a pretty weird dream, and over SMS, recounts the events:

"Me and girl in NY subway station. She was in a magenta gown, i was in a black suit. her name is Joey. we dance the tango to make use of large wide corridors. other ppl join us. then we rush to leave but get lost due to complicated tunnels, escalators and elevators. then an earthquake hits. then the zombies come -- the first group of zombies looked human till up close."

When I'm not teaching, or doing the IDLIPCOMIC, I do other drawings for fun. Stuff which will probably not make it onto this website just because I'm sometimes a stickler for keeping things in the proper places (and sometimes I just chaotically leave them everywhere)...

So instead, a bunch of links to drawings and other comix I've done these past few weeks:

The Tabo Has Its Uses :: humorous look at a Philippine household item.
The Green Lantern Meme :: six months after the original meme came out, I answer the call.
Answered Prayers :: my real life drama
Music.City.Move :: silent. 3 panels. commuting.

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